For dialysis patients who need to take a prescription phosphate binder...

Take as is with meals

Available in 473 mL (16 fl oz) bottle: only dose Phoslyra in convenient, easy-to-read dosing
cup provided

Why take Phoslyra?

Phoslyra is used to help remove excess phosphorus, a mineral in the body that can build up in patients with kidney failure. Phoslyra binds with food and works like a "sponge" to get rid of the extra phosphate your kidneys can no longer eliminate.

How do you take Phoslyra?

Phoslyra comes in a ready-to-drink liquid. All you do is pour the amount your doctor tells you to take with each meal into the convenient dosing cup provided with each bottle.

  • No water needed
  • No mixing or stirring
  • No refrigeration, even after opening

Phoslyra may be the right choice for you, especially if:

  • You have difficulty or cannot swallow pills
  • You are on a restricted fluid intake