Therapeutic Support

Less fluid intake and pill burden: the Phoslyra difference

For patients trying to maintain a daily fluid restriction...Phoslyra may help

When dosed at 15 mL TID Phoslyra results in only 45 mL of fluid ingested over an entire day

*Minimum expected daily dose.

In an observational study on the amount of fluid ingested with solid PB therapy as reported by hemodialysis
(HD) patients (N=40)1:

  • Mean fluid intake was 292±200 mL (range 46-784 mL, or 1.6-26.5 fl oz) per day on solid PB therapy
    —29% of optional daily fluid restriction (DFR) on average was ingested with PB pills
  • 60% of HD patients ingested >20% of their optional DFR with current PB therapy

Amount of fluid ingested with PB pills may impair adherence to optional
DFR in HD patients

Reducing solid PB therapy may potentially reduce overall fluid intake:

  • Average fluid ingestion for a single PB pill is 39.5 mL1
    —When average daily pill burden totals 8.4, average daily fluid ingestion totals 292 mL

Safety profile

  • No warnings and precautions for bowel obstruction or choking hazard, which have been associated with some solid PB therapies3-5
  • Generally well tolerated
  • The most common (>10%) adverse reactions reported in a clinical trial were hypercalcemia, nausea, and diarrhea
  • May cause diarrhea with nutritional supplements that contain maltitol

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