Simply take as is

An alternative PB therapy designed to:

  • Lessen pill burden of patients with ESRD
  • Potentially reduce optional fluid that has been shown to be ingested with solid PB therapy

Ease of use

  • No water required for administration
  • Premixed
    • —No need to reconstitute or dissolve in water
  • Easily dosed in convenient dosing cup provided
  • No refrigeration needed, even after opening

Dosage and administration

  • Phoslyra has 667 mg calcium acetate per 5 mL, equivalent to 1 calcium acetate gelcap
  • Phoslyra is taken with meals
  • The starting dose for Phoslyra is 10 mL with each meal
  • Most patients require 15-20 mL with each meal

Well tolerated

  • No reported serious drug-related adverse events
  • The most common (>10%) adverse reactions reported in a clinical trial were hypercalcemia, nausea, and diarrhea
    • —Safety profile does not include bowel obstruction or choking hazard, which have been associated with some solid PB therapies1-3

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